I began collecting around 30 years ago when I was young. My father and my Nan were the people responsible for introducing me to this interesting and addictive world of little pieces of paper.

I started out with modern Great Britain, and always liked to get the new First Day Covers that my mother would buy for me from time to time, or the new set of stamps fresh out of the Post Office. I still have all of these and will probably never let them go.

I had a long gap where I completely forgot all about stamps, but slowly I began to take a new interest some six or seven years ago.

These days I concentrate mostly on early GB and Empire & Commonwealth. I particularly like the GVI issues, but also earlier if I like the stamp. I also like a bit of Postal History and collect early GB on cover too.

I don’t spend a huge amount of money, because I don’t have a huge amount of money. But with the advent and somewhat the revolution in collecting that has been caused by online auction sites; I find you can often get a lot for a little. You just need to hunt around, and if a collector likes to do anything – then it is hunting around.

So that’s a little about me. If you found this blog then I hope you will find some of my ramblings interesting. I am far away from being an expert, but it’s fun to communicate things.

Thanks for popping in !


Contact : rog@thestampbook.co.uk

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