GB KGVI 1948 Olympic Games 3d Violet Flaws

I obtained some part sheets of this stamp recently and having also bought the Stanley Gibbons Specialised album for the Kings I found a few flaws were mentioned. And so I was pleased to find I have two of the listed three. These are the stamps in question... So there are three flaws listed in the... Continue Reading →

Falkland Islands Dependencies Map Flaws Part Two – Spot on King’s Cheek

Further to John Spencer's comment here... John kindly sent me some images of another flaw that appears on the Falkland Island Dependencies Map set of stamps. I reproduce here the comments he sent me. Many thanks John ! Plate1 R5/1 Saunders and Harding in their Study Paper No 4 and later Goldberg gives a description... Continue Reading →

Gibraltar KGVI Definitive Stamps 1938-51

Gibraltar was known to the ancients as Mons Calpe, one of the Pillars of Hercules. Ptolemy first determined its latitude, and the correctness of his calculation is corroborated by the observations of the present day. The conspicuous form and isolated position of this rocky promontory, which stands like Nature's monument with all its rugged steeps... Continue Reading →

Falkland Islands Dependencies Map Flaws

This post is going to deal with identifying some of the flaws in the Falkland Islands Dependencies 'Map' issues.  There are two printings to deal with, commonly referred to as the thick and thin maps. Really the first thing to do is identify which set we are dealing with. The first set produced was the... Continue Reading →

King George VI

King George VI reigned from 11th December 1936 to 6th February 1952. The stamps issued in this time are a very popular period to collect. They are appreciated for the fine engraving work and attractive colouration. Scan a GVI stamp and view it on your monitor to see the work that was involved. It's probably... Continue Reading →

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