London’s new Postal Museum and subterranean mail train

Postal Museum and subterranean mail train
Postal Museum and subterranean mail train Copyright The Postal Museum


An article by The Guardian newspaper on the recently opened new attraction.

For nearly a century, and unknown to many Londoners, a postal railway network operated 21 metres below the streets of the city, shuttling around the country’s correspondence. At its peak, Mail Rail ran for 6½ miles from Paddington to Whitechapel, carrying letters and facilitating communication across the capital.

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The museum’s official site invites you to…

“Visit the museum’s galleries and take a journey through five centuries of world-class curiosities, providing a different, previously unseen view on some of the world’s most significant historical events, and an insight into the quirky beginnings of the earliest social network.”

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And finally a short video showing some of the highlights by Time Out Magazine…


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