Swanton Morley Post Office c. 1907

Swanton Morley Post Office c. 1907

Swanton Morley is a village situated in the heart of Norfolk. It is a village steeped in history documented back to the Domesday Book. Today the village exists as a tranquil village community of about 2,500 people. ~Wikipedia



Swanton Morley CDS 1907


Another view of Swanton Morley Post Office

Another view of Swanton Morley Post Office

Kelly’s Directory of Norfolk shows that the Postmaster was one George Mitchell in 1900. He appears in the 1911 Census as a Grocer, living in Town Street where the first two photos above were taken.  Previously in 1891 and 1901 he was living in Town Street too – recorded as a Grocer & Draper.

Post Office Two

There is a second post office which may have come later. I cannot locate the second building in the present day Google Maps. Maybe someone recognises it ?

Here is the post card and the stamp on the reverse…

Swanton Morley Post Office c.1910

Swanton Morley Post Office Two c.1910


Swanton Morley Post Mark 1910

Swanton Morley Post Mark 1910

In the 1911 Census the Post Office Two (the square building) is situated on Greengate and the Sub Postmaster was Ellis George Childerhouse.

Swanton Morley is quite a long town and stretches along the main road which is Greengate (and then on into Town Street via Gooseberry Hill) so maybe it makes sense that there was a Post Office at each end. Or perhaps we’re at the point where one replaced the other. I feel this second one may have been lost to development as I have driven through Swanton Morley many times and I do not recognise it.

Here is the Kelly’s Directory of Norfolk, 1912 entry for the Post Office Two…

Swanton Morley Kelly's Directory of Norfolk 1912

Swanton Morley Kelly’s Directory of Norfolk 1912

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