Old Norfolk Post Offices Map

The Old Norfolk Post Offices Map
The Old Norfolk Post Offices Map

Thanks to the wonders of the modern age and Google I can present a map of the Post Offices I have so far listed in the Old Norfolk Post Offices category.

Click here to open the map in a new window… or alternatively click on the map above to open it in this window/tab.

Most of the places have been found in the current day, those that aren’t and maybe need a further hunt are Bacton, Erpingham, Frettenham, Hunworth and Trimingham.

Once the map is open; If you click on the left menu it will highlight that Post Office with a picture. You can also click on the markers and choose ‘Street View’ to whisk you there. The view of the camera may not always be as desired and may require you to rotate/pan the camera around etc.

Where the current location is unknown, ie I have not found it, the Street View will take you more or less to the centre of town.

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2 thoughts on “Old Norfolk Post Offices Map

  1. I came across a map of Bunnet Square Colman Road Norwich , it shows there was a post office
    Have you any information to show this to. E true

    1. No, sorry, but there were bound to be several post office locations in Norwich over the years. I have no reason to doubt it.

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