Cyprus KGVI 1938-51 18pi Black Olive-Green
Cyprus KGVI 1938-51 18pi Black Olive-Green

Büyük Han, which translates to “Great Inn,” is a historic inn located in the walled city of Nicosia, Cyprus. It was built during the Ottoman period in the 16th century and is considered to be one of the finest examples of Ottoman architecture on the island.

The inn was built by the first Ottoman governor of Cyprus, Muzaffer Pasha, in 1572. It was originally used as a caravanserai, a type of inn that provided accommodation for travellers and their animals. The inn was built around a central courtyard and featured 68 rooms on two floors, as well as a mosque, a bathhouse, and a kitchen.

Over the centuries, Büyük Han has played many roles in the history of Cyprus. During the British colonial period, it was used as a prison and a courthouse.

In the 1990s, Büyük Han was restored and was converted into a cultural centre. Today, it features a number of shops, cafes, and art galleries, as well as a museum that showcases the history of the inn and the surrounding area.

Visitors to Büyük Han can explore the historic building and its courtyard, which is often used for cultural events and concerts. They can also enjoy traditional Cypriot food and drink at one of the many cafes and restaurants that are located within the inn.

Overall, Büyük Han is a significant part of the history and culture of Cyprus, and it continues to attract visitors from around the world who are interested in the island’s rich heritage.