I have designed and will continue to work on an online listing of the England, Wales, Ireland & Scotland numeral postmarks used from 1844 up until the cut off date of 1906.

The list for each country can be searched for results that contain matches or partial matches to a degree of similarity.

The shaped buttons are oval for England & Wales, diamond for Ireland and rectangular for Scotland – as per the shape of the cancels. These will switch between the lists.

There is still a lot of work to do, including transcribing the first Listed dates. I will also transcribe London postmarks too.

So far I have added images from some of the those contributed to the Scottish cancels from the Stampboards Share the Scottish and GB Numeral Postmarks on stamps and covers topic over on the Stampboards forum. An entry with a camera icon links to an image gallery of that cancel.

The app should be pretty intutive.

For questions, or comments head over to my topic at Stampboards.

You can access the app here: Numeral Postmarks App.