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Old Norfolk Post Offices

Deopham, Norfolk

Deopham Old Post Office, c. 1910

Deopham Old Post Office, c. 1910

Deopham Old Post Office, c. 1910

Deopham Old Post Office, c. 1910

Deopham is a village in Norfolk, England within the civil parish of Deopham and Hackford. It is close to the old RAF airfield of Deopham Green and the tower of its parish church is one of the tallest in the county of Norfolk. ~Wikipedia


As can be seen; the building has been changed a little since the time of the post card.  The front door has been bricked up and the chimneys have been removed.

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  1. Lisa Glover

    The Post office was run for many years by Reg and Freda Hardy who sold in 1975. The shop was then run by Alf Glover and the postmistress was Patricia Glover. The small building at the side of the shop now being used as a garage was a smaller hardware shop, and Alf Glover’s work shop as he was an electrician by trade. The Glovers sold in 1983, following the death of Alf.

  2. Rog

    Thanks for the info Lisa 🙂

  3. Mary Martin

    I was born in Norfolk, at Rockland St.Peter, and then lived in Deopham Green – near the RAF Airfield.
    I remember the RAF Planes coming back early morning, after their air-raids.

    Deopham had a small school, Miss Bone
    was the Headmistress. …My Mother was the Cook (Mrs Bull) and had one Lady helping in the kitchen called Mrs Patrick.
    I do hope this is of interest to someone, would love to hear from you…

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