Frettenham Old Post Office
Frettenham Old Post Office

Frettenham is a civil parish in the English county of Norfolk. Known in the Domesday Book as ‘Fretham’, Frettenham is located six miles north-east of Norwich, surrounded by countryside. The village is well known for its rich farmland. ~Wikipedia.

I could not locate this one, there is a ‘Post Office Road’ in Frettenham today though, so I assume it was along there somewhere.  There is a building that looks a similar shape from the aerial images but it is obscured by hedges.

Some Research

Kelly’s 1900 Directory of Norfolk shows the postmaster then was Charles Garrett.  Going back a little to 1891 he was living in Fryers Road (which I cannot find modern reference to – maybe that road was renamed to Post Office Road ?).  He was occupied as Post Office/grocer and aged 32.

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