King George VI

King George VI reigned from 11th December 1936 to 6th February 1952. The stamps issued in this time are a very popular period to collect. They are appreciated for the fine engraving work and attractive colouration. Scan a GVI stamp and view it on your monitor to see the work that was involved. It’s probably a bit of a cliche, but they do warrant the title of miniature works of art.

A lot of the sets are pictorial which adds to the interest – some sets are reused designs first used in the stamps of George V.

GV & GVI 1s Bechuanaland

The king did have an interest in stamps as well and he expanded The Royal Philatelic Collection. See below for for a link to more on that.

You can assemble a very attractive body of stamps from the reign of George VI without spending a fortune. Expect to pay more for the higher denominations – in my experience mounted mint (previously hinged) can go for 20% of catalogue value and up-wards on auction sites. For unmounted examples expect to pay a premium. It all depends on if you are worried by what the back of the stamp looks like ! Used examples are a plenty too and cost less to buy for the most part. There are a lot of varieties to collect too, such as differing shades/colours, perforations and watermarks. It should keep you busy.

KGVI Stanley Gibbons Catalogue

KGVI Stanley Gibbons Catalogue

There are a few specialised catalogues too, one of which is the King George VI Commonwealth Stamp Catalogue, published by Stanley Gibbons.

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