Erpingham Old Post Office
Erpingham Old Post Office

Erpingham village and parish is situated in Norfolk, 4 miles (6.4 km) to the north of Aylsham, and gives its name to the adjoining Hundred, which was held by the family of Sir Thomas Erpingham for many generations. ~Wikipedia

Try as I might I cannot find this building, perhaps it has been demolished.  It was not marked on an old map of the area either, so if anyone can shed any light please get in touch.

Some research

According to the Kelly’s 1900 Directory of Norfolk the postmaster in Erpingham at that time was one Benjamin Bastard . I was hoping I could find his address from census records.

In 1891 a Benjamin BARSTEAD was living in The Street, Erpingham, and he was occupied as a carpenter. In 1901 he is also listed as a carpenter and is found again in 1911 at the age of 53 (here I have not yet found his occupation).

I may follow this up some more.  Note that his surname may appear as Bastard and Barstead.

Perhaps the post master’s position was part time ?  Was his home opened up as a post office ?

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5 thoughts on “Erpingham, Norfolk

  1. Not sure but I live in one of several old post offices in Erpingham, not this house in the picture.
    I have seen a photo of a house that was next door to ours (now demolished) that was configured similarly to this. No knowledge of the name of owner at that time.

  2. Hi Lynn,

    Thanks for your comment. I’d be interested in seeing the photo if you get to see it again. I could not find any building with this shape, often you can spot them from the aerial shots, but not this time.

  3. I believe Benjamin Bastard to be one of my ancestors. My dads mother was called Violet Bastard and I think Benjamin was her great grandfather. Benjamin was married to a Hannah E West

  4. Benjamin Bastard was my great grandfather. His wife Hannah née West was the post mistress and her daughter Pansy Amies and husband George subsequently took it over I believe. I my father born 1918 visited as a child. The family name is Bastard I believe but may have been changed for obvious reasons. I have a photo of Hannah and Benjamin in the garden of their house – rear view of the Post Office.

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